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Banking Services

iCOIN your trusted advisors for your Crypto Currency and ICO banking needs.

ICO & VC Banking

Although an ICO entrepreneur is focused to enter the crypto world and uses this innovative technology, any company supporting such initiative must still make use of the traditional banking system.

In the early days of the ICO market where most banks had yet to hear about initial coin offerings most ICOs were happy to hide their activities and tolerated the risk of retribution from their bank, with many of them having their bank accounts frozen in a matter of months. iCOIN is in a privileged position to set up our clients with crypto friendly banks which guarantee the bank account for the duration of the ICO, provided that the right KYC and AML processes are in place during the crowd sale.

Banking Solutions

You want to open a bank account in Malta, in an EU country or any other jurisdiction? At iCOIN we do not only assist to establish a relationship with the bank, but also facilitate the acceptance on bank transfers amongst other. These types of transfers enable investors to participate in the crowdsale of your ICO without the necessary burdens of changing their FIAT to ETH/BTC prior participating in your project.

AML & Know our Client

Through the experience within the gaming industry, traditional banking and regulatory compliance in the Blockchain (DLT) and VCs sphere at iCOIN you will find the right people that can guide your business to tailor your KYC and AML procedures to the highest standards and adaptable with any country-specific regulations.