Our Pricing


We have very reasonable and realistic pricing with very advantages payment terms. Please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

Revenue Share

Our philosophy is that we want your success as much as you want it. Thus, if reasonable we may opt to offer you a revenue share from the ICO, or from the ongoing profits.


We are flexible to adjust your pricing and payment terms depending on the nature of the project and our assessment

How does it work?

ICO in Malta built its reputation for its professional and expert advice through the success of its clients. It is of utmost importance that prior engaging any prospective clients, we conduct a very rigours assessment about the project and the individuals behind it. Only after successful completion of this assessment we will accept the on-boarding of a client.

Revenue Share Payment?

At ICO in Malta we fully understand the financial burdens for a start-up or any other ongoing business activity. Our payment terms are very flexible. We may consider offering a revenue share payment depending on the project and the individuals behind it.

Can you help us with technical needs?

Our experience in the sector puts us in pole position to offer you any type of advice on your technical requirements. We can facilitate any software development required to adjust your needs.

Can you help us with marketing?

At ICO in Malta we have a team of individuals who are constantly working on a number of marketing projects. You can rest assured that you go to market plan will be facilitated. Our expertise includes, article management and publishing with only reputable news providers, social media, reddit announcements amongst other.

Being part of the board and Whitepaper?

Although you only accept clients after a number of reviews internally, ICO in Malta reserves the right not to be listed on the board, Whitepaper or any other references associated with the project. However, it is our pleasure to be references in any documents and being part of the board should this be accepted by the ICO in Malta management.

White Paper, Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy

Our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to offer any type of drafting and/or reviewing of your documentation to go live. It is our specialisation to compile any other document required for banking or licensing purposes amongst others.

How can we exhcange etherium or VC to a Fiat?

Through our esteemed partners we can offer you any type of exchange for currency at a very reasonable charge. At ICO in Malta we can also offer you the service to transfer these funds to your account.

Bank Accounts facilitation?

Through our trusted network we offer you the service to opening any type of bank accounts both in Malta, within the EU and other jurisdictions as necessarily.